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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

This is an amazing book and one of the best works of Mark Twain. The main character of this story is Huckleberry who is narrating his story. The character of Huckleberry first appeared in Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The book is very simple and humorous. There is a perfect description of all the characters in this story. Author's description of characters in Huckleberry's words adds to its charm. It is written in such way it will make you imagine every scene while reading. This is the story of a young boy and most of the incidents of this story are analysed according to his viewpoint of life. Huckleberry is presented as a very brave boy confronting all difficult situations. 

The story begins with good description of Huckleberry's character and the adventure games played by young boys imitating the adventurous and thriller stories what they read. One fine day, Huckleberry's father returns and his troubles began. Unable to withstand his father's torture he prepared a plan to escape. He created tricky circumstances which made his father to believe that he is dead. He was joined by his friend Jim, the run away slave. They began their journey to the world of real adventure. Initially Huckleberry was in a moral dilemma but quickly he decides to save his slave friend at any cost. It coveys a moral message of loving human being irrespective of his class and colour.

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